Drone Buying Guide – Things You Should Know Before Buying One!

The sky is the limit for novice pilots and avid aviators. Drones are the next frontier of excitement for them. Drones are defined as multirotor, remote control flying devices. They offer a new and different way of looking at the world. In simple terms, they are nothing but unmanned aerial vehicles.

These are shared through photos and videos and show a never-before-imagined perspective of the world. Drones are, thus, also a dream-like experience for photography enthusiasts.

Drone Buying Guide

There are different kinds of drones in different price ranges. Most drones offer live first-person view where the person in the driver’s seat experiences an exhilarating joyride.

Along with it, the person can also race from a pilot’s viewpoint. Drones are certainly the stuff for a person who has always dreamed of competing in the air race because it will undoubtedly the closest that can be experienced first-hand.

Points to choose the best drone

Choosing the best drone usually depends on three things- budget, experience and also on what the person wants to do with it. If the person wants to learn flying without spending lots of money then the option is to buy a cheap toy drone.

Most drones generally range in several lakhs. It usually improves features from being simplistic toys by adding high-quality photography and videography qualities. The price increases when features like autonomous flying modes are available to the user.

Drones are also considered expensive as their cost of replacement parts after a crash is valued. They also take a long time to recharge so the cost of buying a spare battery is also considered.

Categories of Drones

Based on their capabilities and purposes, drones are categorized into four. Beginner Drones, Hobby Drones, Camera Drones, and Racing Drones.

Beginner Drones are drones that have short ranges and short flight times. They are considered affordable and are easy to fly. They are also built durably to endure minor crashes. Importantly, the spare parts of these drones are easily available at low prices.

Hobby Drones are drones that often have advanced features. They are usually built targeting a comparatively experienced user and are considered both affordable and durable. They are made with an idea for recreational use of the user and have longer ranges and more specialized cameras.

Camera Drones can also be termed as professional Drones. With advanced features that allow incredible footage and photos, they are considered more expensive. However, the money makes sense as they are equipped with much higher quality cameras and usually come with a GPS tracking system as well. The feature makes it easy to find when lost.

Racing Drones are the most advanced drones. Specially built for speed, they can go to a limit of 70 mph. The most special feature in them is that they use the first-person camera. It allows the user to fly the drone feeling as if they are sitting inside it. Such kind of drones is often found flying competitively in races.

Understanding different features of drones:

  • Duration of flight

One of the most important features to search in a drone is the duration of its flight. It is vital to know the flight time as it would help the user to charge the drone beforehand. It would help in avoiding hindrance between the flight times as the flight time has a lot to do with how much advantage is taken of the range.

However, short flying times can be coped with extra batteries. The cost of batteries, though, increases with the price of the drone. So, while buying a drone when the flight time is considered, the cost of extra batteries is also a factor.

  • Range

The drones can do a lot while it is far away and thus, having a good range is a key factor. Though it depends on the reason for usage. Usually, the range goes up to 100 meters for the beginner drones and up to 4 kilometers for the advanced ones.

It isn’t that vital to a good range for a beginner or hobby drone as the range can be covered by walking if needed to go further but it plays an important factor for drones used for racing or professional purposes.

  • Camera

Cameras usually come with every model of drone. But if optional to install, it is advised to leave the camera off as it can disturb the drone in flying longer. However, if exploring the sky and taking pictures or video is the motive, then the user can go with more advanced drones which offer higher quality cameras.

  • Headless Mode

Headless mode is when the user can turn the head of the drone 180 degrees. This mode turns the drone opposite of its original direction. It is an important feature as drones are mostly quadcopters and their front pretty much looks like their back.

A beginner or a person with less experience can get mixed up in such a situation and go the wrong way to crash. This mode then comes into play as the drone will move in whichever direction the stick is pointed by the user. It certainly makes flying easier.

  • Return Home Button

Return Home Button is a simple feature that allows the user to press a button. Using this specific feature, the drone no matter where “returns home” back to the user just on a press of a button. This feature is found in the most expensive drones.

  • Gimbal

This feature prevents the footages from being wobbly. The drone can tilt a lot while changing direction and it can cause shaky footages. Gimbals are an important factor while the ultimate motive of the user is to do professional photography or videography.

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